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Your denture questions answered

What is a denture?

  • A denture is a artificial removable appliance or prostheses that is made to fit inside your mouth to replace your missing natural teeth.

  • Dentures will restore tooth function and aesthetics 

  • Full dentures replace all teeth in both upper and lower arches 

  • Partial dentures replace one or more of your missing teeth when you still have natural healthy teeth remaining

How does a denture actually work?

  • Dentures are skilfully designed and made to fit inside your mouth to replace the function of what your natural teeth did for you.

  • Every set of dentures is custom made to fit you and ensure you have a natural looking smile

  • Dentures will help you with your routine lifestyle activities such as eating and chewing, talking, laughing, and of course smiling

  • Dentures will keep you looking younger by supporting collapsed facial muscles from natural tooth removal

  • Dentures are the perfect solution when other dental treatments are not an option, such as implants and other cosmetic dentistry.

What are dentures made of?


  • Dentures are made of a number of different materials

  • These can include: acrylic which is a plastic, cobalt chromium or titanium which is a metal alloy or a thermoplastic material which is flexible.

  • All the materials are safe for use in the mouth

  • The type of material used for your dentures will depend on what type of denture is being made for you.

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Where are they made?


  • Our dentures at Keep Smiling Dentures are skilfully made right here in our in house state-of-the-art dental laboratory

  • Full and Partial Dentures are hand made by Dental Prosthetist Jacqueline Bell herself.

  • We use world class materials from Germany, Switzerland and closer to home Japan

  • These companies produce premium quality materials to enable Keep Smiling Dentures to create beautiful, natural, functional dentures to keep you feeling healthy, happy and looking great too.

How important are dentures to my health?


  • The digestive system begins in the mouth.

  • Our teeth are part of that digestive system as well as our saliva which mixes which our food as we chew and helps dilute our gastric juices

  • If we don't have all our teeth or replace them with dentures it's extremely difficult to mix enough saliva with our food

  • This can increase the risk of digestive problems.

Find out more about the different type of dentures available. 

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