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partial dentures

Partial dentures are an artificial removable appliance or prostheses that replace some of your missing teeth in either or both the upper & lower arch.

Partial dentures are a great solution if you still have healthy teeth and are not ready for a full set of dentures.

The importance of a partial denture is not only to replace missing teeth for aesthetics and function but are designed to help preserve natural tooth placement and prevent the existing healthy teeth from shifting to a different position, rotating and over eruption which can lead to further tooth loss. Partial dentures also support an apposing full denture tooth from dislodging.

Whether you are missing just a single tooth or several teeth, a partial denture is a perfect alternative to replacing missing teeth, whether your teeth have been extracted from decay or gum disease, lost due to an accident or injury or other significant event in your life, a partial denture can work for you.

At Keep Smiling dentures we provide different types of removable partial dentures depending on how many teeth you need, this then enables us to create and design the most comfortable fit, functional and natural look for you that blends in perfectly to your remaining natural teeth.

At Keep Smiling Dentures we will consult directly with you to determine the right partial denture for you, to keep you smiling and feeling great.

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Types of Partial Dentures

Cast Metal Dentures

Metal partial dentures are thinner, smaller and lighter in the mouth than most other options and offer great strength and stability as well as support for the remaining teeth. A custom designed framework is constructed using a Chromium Cobalt based alloy which is biocompatible in the mouth.


These dentures are very strong and will have the denture teeth attached with gum coloured acrylic. Retention of a cast metal partial can either be cast metal, flexible or tooth coloured resin, so that no metal clasping is visible.

Partial denture.jpg

Flexible Partial Dentures

Made from an injected thermoplastic flexible material, this type of denture is translucent, clinically unbreakable and require no metal retainers because of the flexibility of the base to retain the denture.


No more unsightly metal clasps in your mouth make the denture virtually undetectable that you will love to wear. These are suitable in most cases for those with an acrylic sensitivity or a desire to have no metal in their mouth. 

flexible dentures.JPG

Single Tooth Flexible Dentures

Flexible denture.jpg

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are the lowest cost and because of the ease of repair, reline or addition of further teeth, are generally advised where remaining dentition is doubtful or tooth loss is significant. Most acrylic dentures will have stainless steel retention, metal clasps, but in some cases it may not be necessary.

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