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If most of your teeth are missing, you may wish to consider full or complete dentures as a viable teeth replacement option.

Full dentures offer the most practical choice for replacing a full arch of teeth. They are designed to fit within your mouth to help with routine lifestyle activities such as talking, eating and of course laughing and smiling.

A conventional full set of dentures are a lower cost alternative solution to implant retained dentures like the All on 4 when implants are not an option and are easy to remove, care for and clean.

Whether your teeth have been severely compromised by gum disease or damaged by an accident or bad decay, a complete denture can restore your smile to function and look like real teeth.

It will last up to  8 - 10 years and require routine maintenance. 

Many denture wearers are often unhappy or dissatisfied with their dentures because of:

  • Pain and discomfort

  • Unnatural or false appearance

  • Difficulty eating or can't chew their food at all

  • Unpleasant odours

  • Collapsed facial muscles

This negative experience has a huge impact on their daily lives.

That’s why at Keep Smiling Dentures

Our clinic is focuses on denture construction with an emphasis on natural aesthetics and restored function

Dentures provide your face with unmistakeable personal appearance, especially when you smile. We deeply understand how personal this service and journey is to you and it’s our promise to you to have you feeling great from the inside out. We are confident we can create the perfect denture and smile for you.

At Keep Smiling Dentures with over 20 years experience, our sophisticated eye for aesthetics & function ensures you get the look and feel you want without your new teeth looking unnatural or uncomfortable.

Upon consultation with Jacqueline, you will be able to choose the style of dentures ranging from standard acrylic dentures to cosmetic precision dentures to suit your individual needs. Each level offers more opportunity for customisation and resistance to impact wear and long term discolouration providing a more natural fresh appearance.

You are fully informed and educated on what we can provide for your dental treatment plan at our complimentary initial consultations with no obligation to proceed with treatment. 

Call today on 9844 4321 you won't be disappointed. 

Getting new dentures can be a big decision for many, at Keep Smiling Dentures we promise to make your new dental journey fast and painless without compromising on our highly skilled standards of delivering premium dentures at affordable prices

Types of Conventional Full Dentures

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Conventional Dentures

Treatment involves the removal of all your teeth at least 8 weeks, 8 weeks prior to the denture fabrication. The tissues need to heal from the extractions before denture placement, to ensure an accurate fit. If you already have existing dentures then no healing time is required and treatment begins as soon as you're ready.

Immediate Dentures

These temporary dentures are used during the approximately 8-week healing period, while you wait for your dentures to be fabricated, this ensures that you are never without your front teeth. Not all teeth can be saved, immediate dentures save the social discomfort of being without teeth. These dentures are also referred to as temporary or treatment dentures.  When natural teeth are removed, bone goes through significant change, due to this, immediate denture treatment will involve ongoing care over a period of months while your gums heal and bone resorbs. During this stage, you are cared for using lining or relining to relieve discomfort and aid in function and fit, until your final dentures are made.   

Implant supported dentures 

Full dentures supported on implants offers a secure hold in any situation. Dental implants offer the necessary stability for anchoring a removable denture securely. The denture stays in place firmly in ordinary life and can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning. The advantages of an implant supported dentures compared to traditional conventional dentures speak for themselves. They are particularly effctive when used in the lower jaw where the jaw bone is very flat.

For more information contact our clinic on 9844 4321 for your complimentary consultation

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