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At Keep Smiling Dentures we know that being without your denture for any amount of time is too long, thats why we provide same day service for all denture repairs, relines and professional cleaning & polishing. You can rely on us to keep you smiling and feeling great again.

Denture Repairs

Accidents happen all the time and that includes breaking your dentures.

Most of the time dentures can be repaired if

  • broken into two or more pieces

  • a tooth has broken off or

  • you have had a tooth extracted and needing it added to your existing denture.

We offer same day service in case of these emergencies to keep you smiling.

denture technician

Denture relines

Relining of your current dentures involves taking an impression inside your dentures to ensure an excellent fit at this point in time.


It does not change the look of your dentures or the wear of the teeth.

  • It ensures a great fit to get longer out of your current dentures

  • prevents any long term damage being done to the supporting gums


An appointment is made for the morning where you leave your dentures and another appointment is made for the same afternoon where we reinsert your better fitting dentures.

We recommend relining your dentures every three years to ensure an excellent fit, to keep them at their functional best and keep you smiling.

Working to reline a set of dentures

Professional polishing and cleaning

  • Over time dentures loose their sparkle and shine, plaque can build up on your dentures just like natural teeth.

  • If plaque is not removed properly it can react with your saliva and harden to tartar.

  • You will not be able to remove this tartar completely yourself and eventually it can make your dentures uncomfortable and unsightly.

  • We offer same day professional clean and polish of your dentures to bring back the life and shine of your dentures to keep you smiling.

Lady smiling showing a beautiful set of detures
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