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There has been more than one reason for Jacqueline Bell to keep smiling


Having started her training back in 1992, Jacqueline dreamed of a day when she could open her own denture clinic and help others to enjoy their smile.


A dental prosthetist isn’t a career path you often hear about, but Jacqueline knew from the earliest days that she wanted to add value to people’s lives and help them enjoy a life with the best and most natural looking dentures possible.

First she was honing her skills at her very own Denture Clinic in Doncaster East. Here, she offered her services direct to the public and with a free consultation.





When she got married to husband James, the business name became the Jacqueline Francis Denture Clinic. This is when Jacqueline believed she was the only female dental prosthetist in the area. She had advanced technology and was able to hand craft dentures to the individual. Word continued to spread and the business continued to grow.

After a year of special renovations at her home in Warrandyte, Jacqueline was able to open her own clinic from home and manage the juggle of family life and work. This is when the Keep Smiling clinic was born.

Through all her years of experience and expertise, Jacqueline still believes that a female dental prosthetist takes that little more time and has an ability to be extra patient with clients. It’s her skill at offering the highest quality dentures from the highest quality materials that is the cornerstone of her work.

Making sure that each person is as happy and comfortable as possible with their dentures is just another reason for her success story.

It’s no wonder that she still has clients from her early days in Doncaster East, some of whom are more than happy to travel from right across Melbourne and from the Mornington Peninsula just to get that special Keep Smiling care.

Jacqueline still sticks to her mantra of ‘Never compromise on quality and to bring about the most natural looking dentures’.

After more than 20 years of smiles and satisfied patients, it’s no wonder that the clinic lives up to its name of Keep Smiling.

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