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Jacqueline Bell, Dental Prosthetist at Keep Smiling Dentures

Another step in Jacqueline Bell’s to help people keep smiling

Once you start your career, there’s always a bit of a worry about how easily things will fall into place and how well that career will progress. That’s where the story of Jacqueline Bell can be a source of inspiration for anyone starting out.


Dreaming of running your own business is a goal for many and yet many don’t make it beyond the first hurdle.


It can be even more difficult when you are in something of a specialist field and that’s precisely what path Jacqueline chose when she decided to become a dental prosthetist.


Opening up her very own Denture Clinic in Doncaster East was not just a great milestone, it was also the culmination of a lot of hard work.


How was she going to make it a successful undertaking?


This is when and where she realised that, like most other small to medium sized businesses, she needed to have a clear point of difference.


Yes – she was providing high quality dentures


Yes – she could guarantee her work was of the highest standard too


What was the key to her taking things to the next level? It was being able to offer her specialised services direct to the public and bypass the need for a patient to see a dentist for a referral.


That wasn’t the only thing that needed to stand out from the rest.

Jacqueline knew that she had another angle. She was able to hand craft quality dentures specific to each individual patient by utilising start of the art technology.


This custom-made edge got people talking and built a successful swell of great word of mouth.


There was still something extra to make her skills and her finished product stand out from crowd.


This is when Jacqueline saw the value in not just quality dentures and denture repairs but the importance of the overall aesthetic.


People didn’t want to have it immediately recognised that they were wearing dentures of any kind.

If only there was a way to blend the look of these highly prized dentures into the look of the person’s natural teeth.


And that was the trigger for Jacqueline’s ability to create the most natural looking dentures around.


That way everyone who came to see her for help with their denture needs could leave with the knowledge that they would have the most comfortable dentures possible as well as the most natural looking too.


It was this ability to boost people’s confidence by delivering the ideal dentures that gave all her clients the chance to literally keep smiling.


Dental issues such as missing or badly discoloured teeth can have serious and even damaging effects on someone’s life and well-being.


With the wealth of experience and the expertise that Jacqueline provides, those fears and worries are washed away.


There could hardly be a better name for Jacqueline’s clinic than Keep Smiling.

With 20 years and more of making people feel their best again and live a more fulfilling life, the Keep Smiling clinic definitely lives up to its name.

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