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Denture repair services NEAR Lilydale

Denture Repair Lilydale

When visiting Lilydale, you can't help feeling closer to nature, with the leafy streets and natural retreats. Take the Hull Road Wetlands for example. This is a favourite oasis in the middle of suburbia, with its walking tracks, serene lake and delightful platypus reserve. It really makes locals smile.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best denture repair services near Lilydale since 1992.

One thing that may prevent you from smiling is if you've had an accident with your dentures and they've become broken or damaged.

The good news is, you're close to the best denture repair services in Lilydale. Keep Smiling Dentures is just around the corner.


When accidents happen

Sometimes an accident can happen which can damage your dentures. If it does, it's advisable to attend to it straight away to avoid more serious problems developing.

Things that can go wrong;

  • Your denture might have been broken into two or more pieces

  • A tooth may have broken off your dentures

  • You may have to undergo a natural tooth extraction for a variety of reasons

Most of the time in situations like these, your dentures can be repaired or adjusted.

For professional denture repair services near Lilydale, including same day emergency services, see the trusted team at Keep Smiling.


Regular relining is necessary

It's good practice to have your dentures relined every three years.

Relining fills in the space left under your denture as bone is absorbed over time. This ensures your dentures remain stable, and fit snugly. It also helps prevent sore spots, fungal infections, and gum tissue overgrowth.

It's a simple procedure. An impression is taken, the underside of your dentures is reshaped, and a newer fit is created.

Relining your dentures:

  • Extends their life

  • Protects the supporting gums from any long-term damage

  • Won't change the look of your dentures

  • Doesn't change the wear of your teeth

All you need to do is make a morning and afternoon appointment on the same day at our denture clinic near Lilydale. In the morning we take your impression and you then leave your dentures with us. When you return in the afternoon, we refit your newly relined dentures. Simple as that.


Plaque build up

​Similar to natural teeth, plaque builds up on your dentures. This affects the aesthetics, and if it is left, the plaque can become a hardened tartar substance. You want to avoid this from happening.

It's not advisable to try and remove the tartar yourself. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your dentures. Let the Keep Smiling professionals carefully remove the plaque and any tartar build-up with their specialised equipment.

A professional clean and polish is a same day service from Keep Smiling, to help you do just that, keep smiling.


Specialists in repairing dentures

If something should ever happen to your dentures, you know who you can turn to. For trusted denture repair services near Lilydale, Donvale, Park Orchards, and surrounding suburbs, see the professional team at Keep Smiling Dentures. Our team is waiting for your call.

Experience our prompt denture repairs and cleaning service, and you'll keep smiling with pride.

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