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Denture repair services NEAR Croydon hills

Denture Repair Croydon Hills

For lovers of nature, Croydon Hills is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne's East to relax and unwind. Locals and visitors alike love taking a leisurely stroll along Croydon Hills Walk. It's a fabulous natural trail through the peaceful reserves and hills which almost encompass the suburb. It certainly makes people smile.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best denture repair services near Croydon Hills since 1992.

Unfortunately, there are some in Croydon Hills who find it difficult to smile. At some stage in life they have had an accident with their dentures and they now feel self-conscious. If this is you, just remember that you're just around the corner from the best denture repair services near Croydon Hills.

The team at Keep Smiling Dentures are right nearby in Croydon Hills.

You need professional denture repair services near Croydon Hills

As we all know, accidents happen. That's just a part of life. If you've had an unfortunate accident which has affected your dentures, there is good news. Most of the time they can be repaired.

Some of the scenarios that can happen include:

  • your denture being broken into two or more pieces

  • a tooth breaking off the denture

  • a natural tooth being extracted

If you need repairs to your dentures, all you need to do is reach out to the caring team at Keep Smiling Dentures. Dental Prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has many years of expertise crafting and repairing dentures.

Jacqueline will make you feel right at home as she explains what can be done to make them like new again.

Reline your dentures every three years

Over the years there'll be movement in your mouth and it can affect your dentures. It's important to have them relined every three years to ensure they're always an excellent fit.

The procedure is simple. We take an impression, reshape the underside of your dentures to restore a snug fit, and then we refit them.

  • It won't change the look of your dentures or the wear of the teeth

  • It will help give your dentures longer life

  • It guards against long-term damage to the supporting gums


A morning and afternoon appointment on the same day is all you need.

Professional polishing and cleaning

​Another part of caring for dentures is keeping them clean. Plaque can build up on your dentures and harden into tartar. This makes your dentures uncomfortable and unsightly.

Trying to remove tartar yourself can often damage them. They need the professional touch that dental Prosthetist, Jacqueline Bell can give. Just one quick visit and Jacqueline will have your dentures beautifully clean again, polished, and looking their absolute best.

Denture repairs specialists

Whether you need partial or full dentures, denture repairs, relining, cleaning or if you are looking for a denture clinic near Croydon Hills, Dental Prosthetist Jacqueline Bell can provide the solution you've been looking.


For trusted denture repair services near Croydon Hills, the team at Keep Smiling Dentures Warrandyte are right here ready for your call. With same day service in case of emergency, you'll be able to smile again in no time.

Contact the caring Keep Smiling Dentures team today.

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