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Denture repair services NEAR Park Orchards

Denture Repair Park Orchards

Park Orchards is a natural oasis in Melbourne. Locals love spending time in the reserves taking a peaceful walk, seeing the birdlife, and even some friendly kangaroos. They also love the third Sunday of every month when the vibrant Park Orchards market is in full swing.

It always makes people smile.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best denture repair services near Park Orchards since 1992.

Something that might stop you smiling is if you've had an accident with your dentures, but there is good news. You can smile again, because the best denture repair services near Park Orchards are just around the corner.

The caring team at Keep Smiling Dentures are ready and waiting for you.


Accidents sometimes happen

If an accident has damaged your dentures, it's not advisable to leave them this way. It could lead to even worse problems.

Some problems that can occur, include;

  • Your dentures being broken into two or more pieces

  • A tooth being broken off your dentures

  • Having to undergo a natural tooth extraction

If you experience any of these, you will need to bring your dentures in as soon as possible. In most cases, they can be repaired or adjusted quite easily. For professional denture repair services in Park Orchards, including same day emergencies, see the professionals at Keep Smiling.


Relining reinvigorates your smile

As your jaws change over time, your dentures can become loose fitting. That's why we recommend relining your dentures every 3 years. Relining fills in the space left under your denture, as bone is absorbed. This maintains a good stable fit.


Relining also prevents sore spots, fungal infections, and gum tissue overgrowth.


It's quite a simple procedure at our denture clinic near Park Orchards. What we do is take a new impression, reshape the underside of your dentures to create a newer, snug fit, and then refit your dentures.


What relining will and won't do;  

  • Will give your dentures a longer life

  • Will protect the supporting gums from any long-term damage

  • Won't change the look of your dentures

  • Won't change the wear of your teeth


All you need to do is make an appointment in the morning for us to take your impression. You then leave your dentures with us, and return in the afternoon on the same day to have your relined dentures re-inserted.


Professionally cleaned

​Unfortunately plaque can build up on your dentures as it does with natural teeth. This can affect the aesthetics, and look unsightly. On top of that, if it's left too long, the plaque can eventually turn into a hardened tartar substance.

We advise against you attempting to remove the tartar yourself. This could cause damage to your dentures, and that's the last thing you want. You need a Keep Smiling professional to remove the tartar build-up on your dentures with specialised tools.

A same day professional clean and polish is just one of the caring services we offer at Keep Smiling.


Specialists in denture repairs

For professional denture repair services in Park Orchards, Lilydale, Eltham and surrounding suburbs, see the trusted team at Keep Smiling Dentures.

Our team is ready and waiting for your call. After you experience our prompt denture repairs and cleaning service, you'll be able to keep smiling with pride.

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