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Jacqueline Bell, Dental Prosthetist at Keep Smiling Dentures


One of the most historically significant areas of Melbourne is way out in the leafy, eastern suburbs. Amongst other things, Warrandyte is renowned for its amazing gold mining origins. After a while, settlers realized that living there was gold, enjoying the lush, natural surroundings the area offers.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best denture repair services near Warrandyte since 1992.

The relaxed village lifestyle continues today, and whether it's enjoying a coffee in a local cafe, or a stroll through retreats like Warrandyte River Reserve, it's enough to keep you smiling.

Something else to make you smile is the convenience of having the best denture repair services in Warrandyte.

If your dentures have been broken or damaged, Keep Smiling Dentures are right there waiting to help you.

When accidents happen

Accidents are a part of life. It's how we respond that makes the difference. If you've had an accident that has affected your dentures, quite often they can be repaired.

Accidents that can occur:

  • Your denture has been broken into two or more pieces

  • A tooth has broken off your dentures

  • You've undergone a natural tooth extraction

The best advice is to get onto it as soon as possible to prevent further problems occurring. For expert denture repair services in Warrandyte, including same-day emergency services, reach out to the caring team at Keep Smiling Dentures.

Regular relining of your dentures is important

Because of natural movement and shifts within the mouth over time, it's essential to perform relining of your dentures. This is best done every 3 years.

Relining ensures your dentures maintain an excellent fit. It also contributes to better gum health, comfort, and overall appearance. Relining is actually quite a simple and easy procedure. We take a new impression, reshaped the underside, and restore a fresh, snug fit.

The relining process:

  • Gives your dentures long life

  • Protects supporting gums from long-term damage

  • Doesn't change the look of your dentures

  • Doesn't change the wear of your teeth

For relining, simply make an appointment at our denture clinic near Warrandyte in the morning and afternoon on the same day. We'll take your impression in the morning, you'll leave your dentures with us, and return in the afternoon to have your newly relined dentures fitted.

Professional clean

Did you know plaque can build up on your dentures as it does on your natural teeth? This makes them look unsightly. If left, the plaque can harden into tartar.

This is not good a good look.

We don't recommend you removing the tartar yourself. Your dentures are finely crafted and need to be handled in a specific way. You need the professionals at Keep Smiling Dentures to remove the tartar properly without causing any damage to the dentures.

Same day professional clean and polish is a service we offer, to enable you to keep smiling with confidence.

Denture repair specialists

For trusted denture repair services in Warrandyte and surrounding suburbs, see the team at Keep Smiling Dentures. We're ready and waiting for your call.

When you experience our prompt denture repairs and cleaning service, you'll keep smiling.

Talk to us today, and see the possibilities for a brighter tomorrow

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