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One of the most sought after places to live in is Bundoora. With close proximity to the Melbourne’s CBD and its ample shopping and family-friendly atmosphere, Bundoora has a long list of reasons to enjoy life. There’s more than enough to keep you smiling.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best denture repair services near Bundoora since 1992.

There’s another reason to make you smile and that’s knowing how close you are to the best denture repair services near Bundoora.


Keep Smiling Dentures are just around the corner, with the highly-skilled team ready to help you.

When you have an accident with dentures, you need the best denture repair services near Bundoora


Accidents can happen when we least expect them and even in strange circumstances. That goes for your teeth and dentures too. Whenever something happens to your dentures, it's reassuring to know that Keep Smiling Dentures, our trusted denture clinic near Bundoora, is close at hand.

Events that can affect your dentures include:

  • A tooth breaking off your dentures

  • More severe damage breaking them into several pieces

  • Cracks or long-term wear and tear

  • Undergoing a natural tooth extraction

Whenever you have an issue that affects your dentures, it's important to deal with it as soon as possible and prevent further problems. With the very best in denture repair services near Bundoora, you have access to same day emergency services.

Dentures and relining


Not everyone knows, but as the years pass, our gums and teeth undergo natural movement and shifts. This can affect the fit of your dentures. That's why it’s recommended that you have them relined every 3 years.

Relining not only helps the fit of your dentures, it also leads to better gum health and overall appearance. Thanks to the precision work at Keep Smiling, this process is streamlined and doesn’t take long at all. We take a new impression, reshape the underside of the dentures, and restore your dentures to a fresh, snug fit.

With relining:

  • Dentures last longer

  • Your gums are better supported and protected from long-term damage

  • There is no change to the look of your dentures

  • The wear of your teeth doesn't change


Make your denture appointment at Keep Smiling Dentures. We'll take an impression, you'll leave your dentures with us for a few hours, then refit your newly relined dentures that same day.

Dentures and why regular cleaning by a professional is important

Your natural teeth need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. That is the same with your dentures.


Why? This is mainly due to plaque build-up. Apart from looking unsightly, it can harden into tartar. This is not a good look and can cause bad breath.


Our experts remove the tartar with precision equipment without causing any damage to the dentures. A same day professional clean and polish is just one of our services.


Book with the denture repair specialists


For trusted denture repair services near Bundoora and surrounding suburbs, see Keep Smiling.


With our experience and expertise on your side, you know you will always have the best dentures possible.


With our prompt, highly-skilled denture repairs and cleaning service, you can get back to enjoying more of life. That’s more than one reason to have you keep smiling.


Talk to us today at Keep Smiling Dentures and see the difference tomorrow.

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