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natural looking Partial dentures near Wonga Park

Special services to keep you smiling

When you think of Wonga Park, your mind can transport you to the lush landscapes, serene settings and friendly community that this beautiful Melbourne suburb offers locals and visitors.

Keep Smiling Dentures with expert female dental prosthetist Jacqueline Bell has been providing the best natural looking partial dentures near Wonga Park since 1992.

Part of that is the vibrant Wonga Park Community Cottage, where you can enjoy your favourite hobby, learn new activities, and socialise with friendly, like-minded people. It will keep you smiling. 

Some residents feel a little embarrassed smiling, because during their life they have lost one or more teeth. It may have been through injury, or extraction for some reason or other. As a result, they feel self-consciousness and unable to smile freely. 

If that's your experience, don't let it continue for a day longer.  

The best natural looking partial dentures near Wonga Park are just around the corner. 

Keep Smiling Dentures can offer you the perfect solution to restoring your beautiful smile.

If the rest of your teeth are still healthy, then partial dentures are your answer. 

What are partial dentures and what do they do?

Simply put, they are an artificial removable appliance or prostheses that replaces any of your missing teeth. 
Not only that, they make sure your existing healthy teeth are sitting correctly, preventing them from shifting to a different position, rotating and over eruption, which can otherwise lead to further tooth loss.

Partial dentures also restore your ability to chew and eat without difficulty.

Keep Smiling offer the best natural looking partial dentures near Wonga Park. 

The type of partial dentures you can have, includes;

  • Cast metal dentures

  • Flexible partial dentures

  • Single tooth flexible dentures

  • Acrylic partial dentures


All the work is done by our lovely Dental Prosthetist Jacqueline Bell in our own state-of-the-art laboratory at our denture clinic near Wonga Park.


Your new partial dentures are: 

  • Fully functional

  • Shade stable

  • Natural looking 

  • Durable


The caring team at Keep Smiling want you to enjoy life to the full.

By offering the finest natural looking partial dentures near Wonga Park, we can help restore your beautiful smile and your confidence.


Dental Prosthetist Jacqueline Bell can provide the solution you've been looking for. You'll feel like a new person, and that's a reason to keep smiling. 

Talk to us today and see the difference tomorrow.

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